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Photographer Uses Lockdown to Snap Photos of Amazing Wild Birds in Garden –All From the Kitchen Window


A dedicated wildlife photographer has used the lock to catalog the parade of beautiful birds that visit his garden and has taken all the pictures through the kitchen window.

Andrew Fusek Peters – SWNS

Cancer survivor Andrew Fusek Peters, who remained isolated for most of the pandemic, forced himself to adapt by working with subjects closer to home who were already socially distant.

The 55-year-old used his double-glazed kitchen window as a makeshift hideout to capture stellar images of wild birds outside his Shropshire garden.

In the last week alone, according to SWNS, he has managed to photograph goldfinches fighting each other in midair, as well as redpolls, nuthatches, and blue and long-tailed tit taking flight.

He spent several hours every day camping in his kitchen while having tea to complete the project he has called, “The Secret Life of Locked Birds.”

Andrew from Lydbury North used an Olympus EM Mark III camera with a zoom lens and shot the birds at 60 frames per second.

He said: “I have been running this garden bird project until closing and it has worked very, very well.

Blue Tit – Andrew Fusek Peters (SWNS)

“Usually I would have gone to Scotland and the Shetlands, but instead I managed to put this incredible wildlife on display in our garden.

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“The garden has a lot of light but I need the sun to be at the perfect level at a certain time and to have the ideal weather conditions.

“The sun cannot be shining on the window or the glare makes it impossible. In reality, there is only a small window of opportunity.

Nuthatch – Andrew Fusek Peters (SWNS)

“The bird needs to take off and fly past the exact same place for it to detach.

“Since I’m behind double-glazed glass, I have to clean the windows inside and out on a daily basis to keep the shot as sharp as possible.

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“The birds are so fast that you are photographing like crazy. The six or seven shots I’ve gotten are one in five thousand.


“You have to understand the behavior of the birds, which are all different.

“I think these are some of the best shots I’ve ever made,” he said of the goldfinch fight.

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“They look fierce with their claws up and the look in their eyes is so intense. Its colors are beautiful.

Long-tailed tit – Andrew Fusek Peters (SWNS)

“It is quite magical to see such a variety of wildlife in your backyard. It shows the beauty around us, if you look closely enough. “

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