Peloton Instructor Ally Love Shares Her 5-Minute Beauty Routine | Interview

Welcome to My Beauty Ritual, a series where editors, experts, and pros reveal the ways in which they use beauty as a method of self-care. In this month’s installment, Ally Love explains why sustainability is such an important part of her self-care. 

There are a few places you may know Ally Love from. She’s a Peloton instructor, the CEO and founder of the Love Squad, and the in-arena host of the Brooklyn Nets, in addition to being the new brand ambassador for REN Clean Skincare. And though she’s plenty busy, wearing all these hats, self-care is non-negotiable for her. 

So is bright, radiant skin; after all, Love hails from Miami, and she’s drawn to anything and everything that promises a glowy complexion. Whatever she’s doing is clearly working. When I interviewed her over a video call in late December, she lit up the screen. (The plants in her space are also clearly thriving, and it’s hard for me not to ask to see each and every one of them up close.) Soon, we get to talking about her skin- and self-care routines, what sustainability means to her, and more. 

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ALLURE: I’m really interested to hear a little bit about Love Squad, which seems to be all about community — a key theme of this year. I’m curious about the role of community in your own self-care routine.

ALLY LOVE: Love Squad is a company that I founded about five to six years ago now out of a lack of resources and sheer frustration as a young woman in New York City. I’m sure you probably can identify with this, but basically, I moved to New York, went to college, and trying to figure out what was next in my life was really challenging. I didn’t have the resources to go to all of these events. 

In order to get in the rooms where decisions were being made or I could network, it was nearly impossible, and I got frustrated quickly. So I created Love Squad as a way to offer reconciliation for any of those folks out there — women, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people — that I could potentially help with my small network of friends at that time. 

This concept of questioning and trying to get more information creates community. Being able to provide answers, resources, and insight in a safe space is what cultivates community. And so that’s what Love Squad does. What’s really important to me, is that I’m able to break down that wall of, if you don’t have the resources or the access, therefore, you don’t get to move as fast or in the same tempo as those that do. And the only way is through information. And the only way information is shared is through connection and through community, which has always really played a role in my form of self-care. 

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