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Patrick Starrr’s One Size Ultimate Collection Brings Makeup Maximalism Back to 2020

Understandably, 2020 has brought on a huge wave of makeup minimalists. In tough times — mostly spent inside and on the internet — full-coverage foundations have been traded for tinted moisturizers. Elaborate contour routines have made way for multi-use sticks and creams. Falsies seem like a thing of the past altogether. Patrick Starrr wants to bring those things back. For him, they never left in the first place. 

With his cosmetics brand One/Size, the influencer is reinvigorating makeup maximalism with his latest launch, the Ultimate Collection, which consists of a setting powder, a powder puff for application, and a duo of false eyelashes. “I think this idea of minimalism has become a trend in beauty, but there are also people that are maximalists like myself that want the fantasy of glamour,” Starrr tells Allure over Zoom. “We’re here to cater to those that aspire to be different.”

Starrr’s long-lasting love of baking (the makeup kind, not the food kind) made the creation of his Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder a no-brainer. “If you just see my history on my YouTube channel, I would take a setting powder, then a foundation powder, then a bronzer, and then a blurring powder — and then there was the era of the HD translucent powders,” he recalls. 

To remedy his own time-consuming process, he wanted to create a finely-milled powder that could combine all the abilities of the other powders, which he’s confident he’s done, thanks to a rigorous testing process wherein the powder had to last 14 hours on Starrr’s skin — not an easy task, as he puts it. “As a man in makeup, my anatomy is set up a little bit differently: I have facial hair, I have a beard, I have texture, I have pores — my skin eats makeup,” he explains. “So I pushed the testing for my oily, textured skin.” 

One/Size Ultimate Setting & Blurring Powder in Deep, $30

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