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Paralympic Swimmer Jessica Long on the State of Disability Inclusivity in Sports

ALLURE: Both the 2020 Trials and Paralympics have been postponed. Is there anything in particular that has helped you cope with this temporary loss?

JL: Self-care really helped. Everyone had a loss or lost something during COVID. I allowed myself to take long baths, watch cheesy movies, and just tried to slow down, and I made sure to maintain my mental health. Most importantly, I didn’t want to feel guilty for feeling sad sometimes. But I think it was a perfect time for a break. My husband, Lucas, was working from home instead of being away at work, and this was a whole new transition for us as newlyweds. This whole idea of slowing down was good because sometimes a lot gets away from you when you’re always rushing through your day-to-day. I painted our whole living room, we’d play cards, and I was trying new things! I was always looking forward to the small things, whether it was a package in the mail or going out to the grocery shop [for essentials]!

Courtesy of Jessica Tatiana Long

ALLURE: Do you feel like re-establishing a routine during quarantine has helped you stay motivated?

JL: Yes! I love routines and love having something to look forward to. The first thing I would do every day is make my bed because it was something that I had control over and felt consistent. Then I’d make a great breakfast, go to PT, abs in the living room, and clean. Then I’d look forward to a bath.

One time [during quarantine], I picked up a dozen roses from the grocery store. I picked them apart and lit candles and created my own spa. But that’s just stuff that makes me feel happy and like everything’s okay.

ALLURE: Speaking of self-care, do you have any swear-by beauty tips?

JL: Always take your makeup off at night. Also, sunscreen is so important. I recently started putting it on my hands while I drive. And I love doing facial massages with jade rollers to help with circulation. Sometimes 15 minutes of putting in a deep conditioner or doing my makeup are all I need to feel good. And drink lots of water.

ALLURE: What most excites you about returning to the pool?

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