Is Commando Saw tops or is Franklin’s Finest Coffee – Sample Pouch (60 servings)? better?

We found two good items from My Patriot Supply

Todays 1 on 1 is for 2 lovely products from My Patriot Supply that look pretty cool. Between Commando Saw and Franklin’s Finest Coffee – Sample Pouch (60 servings), which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a much closer peek and see what we can see.

The very first product we have is

Commando Saw 😎



The crisis Commando Saw is a versatile and compact cutting tool. Featuring its stainless steel blade, the saw is able to cut through wood, synthetic, bone, or soft metals. Measures 20 ins in total with an eight strand design. The blade is metal. 

The saw can additionally be converted to a snare for trapping small game. Durable nylon wrist straps make cutting effortless with only minimal pressure.

My Patriot Supply >
Survival Essentials > Click to get Commando Saw

The second item on our list for today is Franklin’s Finest Coffee – Sample Pouch (60 servings) 😙

It is the first ever crisis survival coffee with a real, up to 30-year shelf life! This zipper pouch provides a 60 servings of flavorful coffee, conveniently packed in a resealable heavy-duty pouch.

Franklin’s Finest Coffee is the greatest success perk, specifically for the ones that drink coffee on a daily basis. Or even for camping. Additionally it is the perfect item for barter or trade in an emergency! (You’ll thank us for that tip later on.)

Our Franklin’s Finest Coffee

My Patriot Supply >
all > Franklin’s Finest Coffee – Sample Pouch (60 servings)

So I’m calling my favorite between these two has got to be a close call in favor of Franklin’s Finest Coffee – Sample Pouch (60 servings).

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