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Thousand cranes

February 26, 2021Cranes are revered in Japan as mystical creatures and are said to live for a thousand years. Often a thousand paper cranes are given to wish the recovery of a seriously ill person. In this moving video, a woman with a traumatic past uses her fingers, eyes and heart to teach young people from difficult backgrounds the skill of origami so that, like her, they can make something beautiful. Although their scars don’t disappear in the process, they learn to use the lines of those scars to create something beautiful to share with others. She eloquently points out that a person cannot do it alone, but that with a collective effort, little by little, the potential for growth and hope of each person can be realized. (2 readings)

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To take actionRead the story of Sadako’s paper cranes and how it has become a universal inspiration for peace. [more]




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