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How to deal with oily skin

Wondering why your skin is so oily and what you can do to treat it? Whether you’ve been dealing with oily skin for what feels like forever or your skin type has recently changed, it can be maddening to be met with an oil slick when you’re trying to achieve a dewy glow. And while you can’t permanently get rid of oily skin, you can reduce its appearance. 

Let’s look at what oily skin is and what you can do to control it:

What is oily skin and what causes it?

Oily skin appears shiny and slick, with prominent pores that easily become clogged and are prone to acne. This happens because glands produce an excess amount of a substance called sebum. Sebum is made of fats and has a shiny appearance. When it passes from your glands through your pores and to the skin’s surface, it can cause your face to look slick.

Why do I have oily skin?

There are a number of factors involved in why skin is oily. Hormonal changes, genetics, the weather, diet, and stress can all kick your oil glands into producing too much sebum. While you may not always know exactly what causes oily skin, (particularly yours!), there are steps you can take to make your skin appear less shiny.

How can I make my skin less oily?

  1. Cleanse regularly: Take care of your oily face by cleansing it daily, morning and evening. Try not to overdo it: over-cleansing can strip the skin and actually spur your glands to produce more oil, putting you back to shiny square one.
  2. Be gentle: Avoid rubbing your face and be careful not to use overly harsh cleansers. Too much physical pressure and products that dry you out can irritate your skin, once again kicking your glands into overdrive. Mario Badescu Botanical Facial Gel is formulated for oily skin types to wash away grime without stripping skin.
  3. Use moisturizer: You may think that with all that oil, your face doesn’t need any more moisture. However, one of the best ways to combat oily skin is to keep your face healthy and moisturized. Look for a lightweight, oil free moisturizer. Mario Badescu offers two oil free moisturizers that won’t clog pores: one even contains SPF 17! Discover our best moisturizers for oily skin here.
  4. Try glycolic acid: Glycolic acid is one of the best ingredients for oily skin types, since it encourages cell turnover, exfoliates dead surface skin cells that can clog pores, and minimizes the appearance of pores. Glycolic acid is a powerful ingredient, so start slowly and step up your sunscreen usage. Swap out your regular cleanser 2-3 times a week for Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser for a complexion that’s radiant rather than greasy.
  5. Mask mindfully: Kaolin clay and bentonite clay are common in the best clay masks for absorbing oil and pulling impurities out of congested skin. Be mindful of your masking—alternate with your stronger products so you are not overdoing it. Mario Badescu’s Special Mask for Oily Skin contains both kaolin and bentonite clays to control excess oil along with calamine to protect and re-balance skin.

Mario Badescu offers a variety of specially formulated products that can help control oil, so you can feel like you’re getting rid of oily skin without losing out on oil’s skin-protecting and plumping benefits. You’ll appreciate having a dewy glow instead of a slick shine!

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