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Oils to Use When Doing the LOC or LCO Method

By Choya Randolph

As a natural, most of what we do to keep our hair healthy is keeping it hydrated. One of the most tried and true ways we accomplish that is using the LOC or LCO method. These methods are primary ways of moisturizing our hair by using a liquid, oil, and cream. The acronym refers to the order. Some of us like to use the classic LOC, a leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream. Some of us like to switch up the order by using a leave-in conditioner, cream, then an oil. Whatever method you prefer, the products you use are important to the hydration and health of your hair. 

When it comes to what oil to use, there are so many options, it can feel overwhelming. This is when we experiment and find what oil works best for our hair. If you’re looking for a place to start, let’s go into some of the popular oils that seasoned naturals have been using since their big chop.

Coconut oil

Does it get more classic than coconut oil? It is a staple in the natural hair community. If you’ve ever hugged a natural and her hair smelled amazing, that’s probably because of coconut oil. Other than giving our hair an amazing scent, coconut oil is full of fatty acids and vitamins that nourishes our hair and scalp. It also makes the hair super soft. When using coconut oil, keep it organic. The only ingredient should be coconut oil. It also shouldn’t look like oil unless warm. If your coconut oil looks thick and white and not like a bottle of Canola oil, then you’re doing amazing sweetie.

Extra virgin olive oil

I watched a video of a fellow natural using olive oil on her hair when doing the LOC method. I didn’t think much of it until one day, I had run out of coconut oil. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I went in the kitchen and put that olive oil to work and sis did not disappoint. We know olive oil can do her thing when we’re cooking but when used on natural hair, it can reduce scalp irritation and moisturizes our hair. It’s full of vitamin E and vitamin K which can condition the hair, prevent heat damage and combat dandruff. When buying olive oil, use extra virgin olive oil because it’s unrefined which means it has more vitamins and minerals your hair will appreciate.

Argan oil

If you want to save your olive oil for cooking and not your hair, give argan oil a try. Argan oil really is that girl. Similar to olive oil, it is rich in vitamin E. If your hair is feeling a little rough, argan oil will soften your hair. It also will give your hair elasticity, making it easier for your hair to bounce back from any heat applied to it. It’s a great oil to use if your hair is prone to breakage. Though oil is used to be sealant, argan oil seals and penetrates the hair to moisturize it and give it that sleek look. 

Almond oil

Almond oil is packed with a bunch of great things your hair will love. Yes, it has vitamin E but it also has the fatty acids coconut oil has. To really give your hair a boost, it has biotin, magnesium, flavonoids and more vitamins and minerals that will nourish your hair. It works well at lubricating the hair so no hair strand gets left behind. This helps combat dryness and breakage.

Oil can do a lot for our hair. It conditions, protects, moisturizes and more. When doing the LOC or LCO method, the role of oil is to seal in your leave-in conditioner or cream which most oils will do. So don’t overthink which oil you should commit to and don’t be afraid to mix oils to really receive those benefits. At the end of the day, everyone’s hair is different. Find the oil that works best for you and enjoy!

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