We assembled 3 cool items from Eya Naturals

Hooray! we glad to present to you a number of great items. There are a few items in Eya Naturals worth featuring today, so let us get started ASAP!

Firstly we have is
ENP – Pure Avocado Oil

Eya Pure Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and D as well as amino acids and essential fatty acids that are excellent for your hair and skin.

Use for skin to help treat sun damaged, aged, dehydrated and undernourished skin. Regular use helps promote skin suppleness and a clear complexion.

Massage your scalp with avocado oil to help to help strengthen hair and give a natural shine.

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The 2nd product on the list today is ENA – Black Soap Shampoo.

This natural shampoo is formulated with the time-honored African black soap that has pure shea butter & coconut oil to hydrate and condition your precious hair and scalp, while you shampoo. It’s enriched with peppermint essential oil for a rejuvenating wash day experience.

This is a hair-to-toe product and may be used as a body wash as well.

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For the third item on the list today is ENP – Pure Peppermint Oil.

100% pure peppermint oil. Provides a wonderful cooling sensation, helps soothe and reduce itchy, dandruff-prone scalp and and dry skin.


Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your products such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, hair and massage oils, etc. and use your products as usual. Always mix pure essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut, avocado, almond, castor, oils etc. before use.

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Next we have ENK – Kids Set 😁

Taking care of the kids’ hair doesn’t have to be frustrating. Get this set and follow our 5-step set for a simple and gentle routine that will leave your little ones’ hair clean, detangled, conditioned, moisturized and ultimately healthy.

Enriched with lavender essential oils to deep condition hair and keep it shiny.

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The 5th item on the list today is ENP – Sweet Almond Oil.

Eya 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil is excellent for your hair, skin and nails. It is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, quickly absorbs and deeply penetrates to nourish, and hydrate skin; helps reduce skin irritations, such as eczema and bruises, as well as dry skin.

Sweet almond oil also has high levels of protein, Olein Glyceride, Linoleic Acid and Vitamin D to nourish and soothe your scalp and helps with hair growth.

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