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Mixed Chicks | A Blend of Many

From the start, Mixed Chicks has stated, whether you are Black, White, Latin, Asian, Mediterranean, or any glorious combination, their products are for you! Nothing has changed except the expansion of more products to celebrate the diversity in texture and uniting their customers under one beauty brand.

Just because the product says, “Mixed,” doesn’t mean you have a multicultural heritatge to use it. Of course, if you take a DNA test today, it seems as if everyone has a blend of nationalities in their results, but at the end of the day, it comes down to texture. We all have blended textures, and finding the right products to suit the needs of curly, straight, wavy, coily can be difficult to find from one brand but not so with Mixed Chicks.

Mixed chicks leave-in conditioner has been a staple for 17 years, and women from 3A to 4C tresses have used in their daily routine. However, 4C customers looking for more definition, hold, and styling products needed a bit more.

For those who thought they couldn’t use the product because of the name, let us show you what we have for you!

Mixed Chicks Styling Cream
Brand courtesy

Styling Cream

For curly girls with thicker, fuller textures and in need of little more moisture, our Coil, Kink & Curl Styling Cream helps hair retain moisture with a six-oil combination that promotes growth, and adds more definition. This frizz-free formula is excellent for natural styles, finger-styling, coiling, spirals, twists and waves—no caking or flaking with this rich, creamy formula. Plus, it won’t weigh the hair down.

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