Michelle Pfeiffer Wants Your Whole Life to Smell Like Henry Rose — Interview

As Pfeiffer tells Allure, this expansion into home and body products has been her vision since she launched the brand in 2019. “From the beginning, we would have general conversations about line expansion, but we were honestly so in the thick of just trying to have a successful fragrance company and getting our message out there,” she recalls. “Throughout this process, I realized fragrance impacts everyone and everything because it is in everything. It is in things you don’t even think about.”

That’s exactly what encouraged Pfeiffer to create candle and diffuser oil iterations of some of Henry Rose’s best-selling fragrances. The candles, $65 each, come in the brand’s Torn and Jake’s House scents. The same goes for the diffuser oils, $28 each, and it all comes in sleek black packaging with minimal branding.

Courtesy of brand

Sensitive skin types might find relief in Henry Rose’s new body creams, $65 each, which come in the fragrances Jake’s House and Queens & Monsters (a Best of Beauty winning scent). “I’ve had super-dry skin my entire life, and I have really sensitive skin,” Pfeiffer says. Her own experiences with fragrance sensitivity informed the cream’s formula.

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