Maybelline New York Launches Maybelline Express Loyalty Program

If you consider yourself a bona fide beauty lover, chances are you’re already a member of a beauty retailer’s loyalty program. What would we do without them, other than live a free-gift-less existence and always pay full price on expensive products? But it’s nice to save on less-expensive products, too — especially ones from the drugstore brands we’ve adored for years — which is why it’s so exciting that Maybelline New York is launching its first-ever loyalty program.

Maybelline Express is the new way for the brand’s fans to reap as many benefits as possible from being frequent Maybelline shoppers. “Maybelline is thanking their loyal fans with exclusive coupons, extra sweepstakes entries, free makeup samples, and a personalized Maybelline experience,” reads a press email from the brand.

It’s ridiculously easy to sign up, and right now, doing so has an instant perk. When you visit the Maybelline Express landing page, just click “Sign Up Now.” After filling out a short form with your name, email address, password, and birthday, you’ll be rewarded with a coupon for a free Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray. (Kind of metaphorical, no? The spray helps keep your makeup loyal to your face. OK, sorry, that was a stretch.)

A video on the Maybelline Express website promises members will be the “first to know, first to try, and first to experience,” suggesting that that free samples could include early access to new products, which — yeah, sold. We’re signing up right now.

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