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Maya Base Perfume Oil Is a Fragrance Primer – Review

After working from home for the last eight months, I visited the office to (safely) clean out my desk. While I fully expected to find makeup and skin-care products spilling out of my cubicle, I was also surprised to find so. Many. Fragrances. The dozens or so bottles — filled with notes of juicy fruits, bold florals, and warm musks — that lined my desk was, in a word, overwhelming. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say it took me a half-hour to pare down my fragrance collection. But after minimizing my lineup to just a few favorites (and donating the rest), there was one newer fragrance in a tiny vial that made the trek home to Brooklyn with me: the Maya Base Perfume Oil

Maya’s minimalist scent, aptly named Base, is a fragrance multitasker in that it’s a primer, which means it can be worn as a base under another scent, or by itself, letting its warm notes shine bright. I always pick up notes of sweet sandalwood and warm musk when I wear it.

I also love that the perfume oil is vegan, cruelty-free, and housed in a very simple (and chic!) glass rollerball vial. Simple and sweet — just how I like my scents. That being said, ever since Maya Base has been home with me, I find myself rolling the fragrance on in the morning (on the back of my wrists and on my neck) and sniffing its evolving notes throughout the day. It’s almost like I managed to take home more of my fragrances — in one tiny rollerball.

You can find the Maya Base Perfume Oil in this month’s limited-edition fragrance-only Allure Beauty Box. 


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