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Making Braids Sustainable

By Jenna Brooks

Love having hair extensions and braids put in, but also have a concern for the environment? Luckily with the new brand Rebundle, your love for hair and the environment is perfectly packaged in one company. The two founders, Ciara Imani May and Jessica Sanders, created the company because they were tired of the irritation that extensions caused and wanted to reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the planet.

Because hair extensions are often produced in large warehouses in Asia, with little regard for the comfort of customers and even less regard for sustainability, they frequently cause burning, irritation, and long-term damage. The factories that produce these extensions often use chemicals that can are damaging to the skin and the scalp, causing the redness familiar with wearing them. Extensions are made of plastic, a large contributor to pollution on the planet, especially in the oceans. Because extensions primarily get thrown away after they are done being used, they create more waste in the environment as they end up sitting in landfills for long periods of time. 

Rebundle wanted to change all of the pain and environmental waste that extensions create, by creating new types of hair that use single-use waste rather than harmful plastic and chemicals. They are currently in the process of designing, releasing, and selling new types of extensions, ones that won’t cause damage and will still have you looking beautiful. While their products have not been released yet, their website has a tab for hair stylists to sign up to become someone who will buy and use more sustainable synthetic hair extensions for their clients. It’s an excellent opportunity for any current or future stylist to bring the health back to their client’s hair while reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, they have a tab where you are able to turn in your old extensions to be recycled rather than ending up in the trash. They’ve currently been able to recycle over 63 pounds of old hair extensions with help from customers who share their passion. Currently, you are able to sign up for their email list for exclusive offers and news of when products will be released, which is definitely something to consider as the brand is a win-win for all!

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