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Makeup Market Trends 2021 – New Beauty Innovations & Tech

Just as skin-care products have become more streamlined —combining essence, toner, and moisturizer in one convenient bottle — makeup is taking the same shortcut in 2021. This new crop of products will be your go-to fast fixes for a last-minute Zoom call

Some honorable mentions include base products that do it all. The Monika Blunder Beauty Blunder Cover just kicked things off with its clean foundation-concealer hybrid, but a drugstore brand is about to launch a transfer-resistant primer-foundation-concealer in 21 shades, too. 

Also, with monochromatic being a standout makeup vibe for 2021, according to Najor, a roster of color sticks are on their way. They aren’t your standard multipurpose sticks, like the iconic Multiple from Nars, or even a lip-and-cheek balm. Instead, they’re fun pigments in unexpected, new textures that can be drawn onto your lids, cheeks, and lips à la the Best of Beauty Award-winning Live Tinted Huesticks. (Allure‘s editorial assistant Gabi Thorne even color corrects with the pumpkin shade, Rise.) 

Mona Leanne can’t wait to reach for this 2021 product innovation because they “allow me to be experimental and free thinking with my work,” she explains. “The new Byredo Colour Sticks are an incredible product for exactly that, as they have no rules and can be applied absolutely anywhere on the face, which I love.” 

The Axiology Balmies also just hit shelves at Ulta Beauty, but those sustainable crayon-like sticks are just the beginning of the color innovations were about to see in the new year. 

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