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Makeup Brand Becca Cosmetics Is Going Out of Business

The pandemic made the last year a precarious one for many industries, beauty included. While some sectors understandably suffered, others thrived. Salons and spas were forced to close at least temporarily, with some never reopening; plastic surgeons, however, saw an increase in procedure requests. Some entrepreneurs saw it as a good time to launch a beauty brand, while others had no choice but to go out of business β€” we just never thought the beloved Becca Cosmetics would be one of them.

On Wednesday, February 24, Becca posted a message to its Instagram grid, reading, “An important message to our Becca Beauties: Glowing with Gratitude.” The graphical text went on to read, “You’re all our Becca family β€” part of this beautiful community that supports us and shares our values. It’s because of our love for each of you that we are sharing with you now some very important news about the closing of our brand in September 2021.”

The caption provided more details: “The global pandemic has had an impact on everyone around the world on many levels. It has also had a tremendous impact on so many businesses. At Becca, an accumulation of challenges, together with the global impact of COVID-19, has sadly been more than our business can withstand, and we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to close down the Becca brand at the end of September 2021.”

Despite the sad news, the caption goes on with an uplifting tone. “We believe in you, and we believe that the beauty inside you is the light you share with the world. We are confident that the spirit of Becca will continue to live on through all of you,” it reads. “Please keep illuminating your true selves. Light your own paths and push your limits. Share positivity and light the way for others as you make an impact on this world. Own your light on your own terms.”

Throughout social media, fans of the brand responded with shock and dismay. “Nooooo! My journey with Becca started with champagne pop and have never looked back ❀️ Becca you will be missed but never forgotten 😒❀️,” one commenter wrote on Instagram, while another said, “I’m so sorry to hear this πŸ’” your highlighters inspired me so much and really began an exciting era in makeup. Becca will be missed.”

On Twitter, one user wrote, “Becca changed the ENTIRE game. Nobody would be highlighting anything without them,” while another said, “I can’t believe @BECCAcosmetics is closing! So many of us used the champagne pop highlighter as a personality trait! Who are we without it?”

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