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Makeup Artist Sarah Tanno Launches Makeup Organization Line — Interview

Not only do Tanno’s storage solutions make your beauty kit prettier and easier to access, but they can also help you stay on top of what products need to be thrown out or donated. As a makeup artist, Tanno has an extremely big kit (she doesn’t even have time to try all the products she’s sent) so it’s paramount for her clients’ sakes that she keeps track of and discards products that have expired or dried out. She has assistants who help her with this process, but anyone can follow her organization routine at home.

“Every six months I have my assistant go through anything that is open, especially skin care and foundation, and put an expiration date on it,” Tanno explains. They do this with an app called Beauty Keeper, which uses products’ batch codes to determine their exact expiration dates. “If things are going to be expiring within the next six months, she’ll put them in a certain area so I know if that I’m going to try this product, I have to do it soon, or I donate it to a shelter. If it’s getting close to that date, I throw it out.”

It’s simple as that — setting aside time to go through all your products to determine which ones are worth keeping and which ones need to go (whether they go in the trash, to a friend, or to charity).

This won’t be the last or only collection Tanno and iDesign launch together — the duo teases more organizational tools to come this summer plus even more in 2022. In the meantime, with spring cleaning season ahead and this new storage system at my fingertips, I’ll undoubtedly be giving my own kit a major overhaul with Tanno’s organization system, the pieces of which range from $7 to $49. 

With a little determination and luck, I — and hopefully you, reading this — can have a beauty space so organized, I never have to question what I want to do with my hair, skin, or makeup routine. It’ll just come naturally. And isn’t that kind of consistency what all of us could use these days?

The iDesign Signature Series x Sarah Tanno ranges from $7 to $49 and is available beginning March 1 on

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