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Jo Malone’s Zara Fragrance Line Is for Folks With Expensive Taste and Empty Wallets

Having expensive taste is a pain in the ass. And that only gets worse when you combine it with a love of bespoke fragrances that smell of hyper-specific stuff like oud or tomato leaves or lime blossom. Trust me, I know. I’m that lady who once roamed the fragrance shelves at Sephora, continually picking up Jo Malone scents and reveling in how nice they smell before putting them down and begrudgingly walking away for my budget’s sake. If you’re like me in this regard, you’ll be delighted to know that you don’t have to do that anymore. 

Jo Malone, the perfumer behind the brand of the same name, has collaborated with Zara on a collection of eight fragrances called Zara Emotions by JoLoves. Each fragrance comes in three sizes (.3, 1.4, and 3 ounces) and is also available in candle, body wash, body lotion, and shampoo format. And because this is Zara we’re talking about, all of these products remain super budget-friendly with a price range of $10 to $40. 

Just like Malone’s eponymous fragrances, the scents she helped Zara create carry entire personalities all on their own. Here’s a brief breakdown of every Zara Emotions by JoLoves scent and their primary notes:

  • Waterlily Tea Dress: bergamot, spearmint, musk

  • Bohemian Bluebells: lavender, sandalwood, musk

  • Amalfi Sunray: bergamot, mandarin, orange flower

  • Ebony Wood: peppercorn, clove, ebony wood

  • Vetiver Pamplemousse: grapefruit, mandarin, vetiver

  • Tuberose Noir: ylang ylang, tuberose, sandalwood

  • Fleur D’Oranger: orange flower, neroli, ylang ylang

  • Fleur De Patchouli: peony, patchouli, guaiac wood

Courtesy of brand

This collection of home and body fragrances looks every bit as good as it smells, by the way, thanks to their minimal black, white, and clear packaging with sophisticated fonts that scream “I’m fancy, bitch.”

So you can place these babies all over your home and vanity without feeling a single twinge of guilt over how much you spent on them. Maybe having “expensive” taste isn’t so bad after all.

Zara Emotions x Jo Malone fragrances, $10-40 each, are available starting December 1 from and Zara stores.

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