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Magnaminty Green Mask – Such Lovely Stuff!

Mask of Magnaminty
Mask of Magnaminty

I have a lot of personal experience with using green products. Green meaning products made that are good for the world around us and are produced by sustainable brands that have a mission in mind. Using green products makes me feel good knowing I am helping the world that I live in. I also like putting my money into brands that are committed to creating wholesome products the ethical way.

Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty

I am big into natural products. I can even offer passionate writing about natural products because of how I like them so much. I like eating natural foods. I like using natural products on my skin. I like using natural products on my face. One of my favorite green products is the Mask of Magnaminty product from Lush. Lush has a lot of natural wholesome products that are made with a mission in mind. The company is known for its sustainable and ethical business practices. Since first buying Mask of Magnaminty, I have always had a good personal experience with the product.

Mask of Magnaminty is a product made for the face and body. I mainly use this mask for my face. The mask can have a slight tingle. It thoroughly will clean deep into your pores without overly cleaning your skin. The mask removes debris from your skin and leaves your skin feeling and looking great. Because the mask cleans so well, I like to use it on my face because I have oily skin. The mask really helps to clean out my pores and get rid of acne. The mask helps to absorb the oil in my face which combats more acne from forming.

I like the product also because of the natural ingredients. The ingredients is what really attracts me to this green product. The ingredients in Mask of Magnaminty is what helps to clean the skin, fight acne and make the skin look so good. Honey is one of the ingredients. The honey makes the mask moisturizing so you don’t have to worry about your face getting dry. The cooling effects of the peppermint oil offer a nice sensation on the skin. Ground aduki beans are a unique ingredient in the mask. These beans scrub the skin of debris and dead skin. Overall, the beans make this mask rather exfoliating.

The mask is clay based. The kaolin in the mask is by far my most favorite ingredient. Kaolin is perfect for oily skin and acne prone skin. This kaolin soaks up the unneeded oil in my skin. It causes the mask to harden on the face. The kaolin in the mask has truly helped my face.

I have only used the mask on my face. I have not tried the mask on my body although it is recommended to use the mask on both the face and body. I may consider using it on my body since I have got such good results with the product by using it on my face. I know it can detox and exfoliate my entire body the way it has done my face.

I feel good with purchasing Mask of Magnaminty. I like the company that makes the product. I like how the company prides itself on creating good products that are good for people. I like knowing that the company takes care of its employees especially right now during the pandemic. This is a green product I will continue to purchase and use for my skin.

I must say I can see a big difference in my skin since I have used this product. Ever since starting this product, I have noticed my face is less oily. My skin is not dry but is not producing as much oil. I have also noticed a decrease in the amount of acne I get. Because I am getting less acne, I am also having less scarring from the acne. Overall, I am pleased with what this mask has done for my face. I would recommend this mask to anyone looking for a green product or wanting to support a quality, ethical company.

If you want to know more information about Lush or Mask of Magnaminty check out their website. This website is also where you can place an order for Mask of Magnaminty. 

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