Lizzie’s All-natural Products has new goodies!!

Today we are so glad to share some really awesome products. There are a few items in Lizzie’s All-natural Products worth featuring today, so let ‘s get moving as quick as possible!

Number 1 today on the list…

Artisan Crafted Bar Soap

With luxurious shea butter, hemp seed, coconut, olive, and sunflower oils, this natural bar soap will not only cleanse but leave you with endlessly soft and clear skin. We make our bars for sensitive skin by leaving out the irritating ingredients found in ordinary soaps, and our freshly made soaps come in various scents so everyone can find their favorite.  


  • Apricot Chamomile 
  • Sandy Rose 
  • Oatmeal & Honey 
  • Oatmeal & Honey with Sweet Orange & Turmeric 
  • Vanilla Oatmeal 
  • White Tea & Ginger 
  • Unscented Eczema Soap 
  • Organic Coffee Soap

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Soap, body wash, etc. > Artisan Crafted Bar Soap

The 2nd item on our list today is Eczema Butter!

Experience the ultimate eczema relief with this all-natural butter, crafted especially to provide an effective remedy for irritated and dry skin. As experts in skincare for eczema, we understand that this condition can cause extreme discomfort, sleepless nights and can leave scarring, so treat your skin with the love it deserves by nourishing it with our rich yet gentle eczema butter.

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