Lisa Rinna Launches Rinna Beauty With Lip Products | Interview

ALLURE: Right. What made you want to create kits instead of individual products?

LR: I always saw it as a kit because I saw it as what I use. I love to bring people what I use. My store Belle Gray [a fashion boutique] was this one-stop shop. It was about sharing what I love with everyone. This is basically the same thing. 

I’ve had people ask me over the years, “What’s your lipstick, what color are you wearing?” I’ve always done a lip liner, a lipstick, and a lip gloss. That’s always my go-to. Of course I want to go into everything down the line. Rinna Beauty is going to be a lifestyle brand. But we started with three lip kits — in nude, nude-pink, and nude-coral, because that is what I wear.

ALLURE: How many lip products would you say you’ve tried over the course of your career?

LR: I think I’ve been in this business now, what, about 31 years? I’ve had a lot of time to try lipstick and lip glosses. [While creating my formulas] I was super, super picky and super, super hands-on. It took me a very long time because I’m very, very picky about the texture and the feel of my lipstick and my lip pencil and especially my lip gloss. 

I swear to God, I drove everybody cuckoo-bird crazy because I kept sending back the lip gloss and saying, “OK, I love one and two, but could we now mix one and two together?” It really was a recipe that took quite a while because with COVID, going back and forth, it just slowed it down tenfold. But I said, “Listen, if I’m going to finally do this after a hundred years, let’s get it right.”

ALLURE: Did any of the people in your life serve as inspiration?

LR: Certainly my daughters are an inspiration. Every single second of every single day. I have so many great friends and so many beautiful friends. I mean, you just, you think of everybody and I’m so inspired by not only the girls on the show, Erika and Dorit and Kyle… all of my friends are beautiful, strong women. 

I’m inspired by my 92-year-old mom, who’s worn lipstick and won’t go out of the house, by the way, without her makeup. I’ve actually never seen my mom go out in public without lipstick. [So] I want this to be all-inclusive. I want men, women, children — everybody! —  to use Rinna Beauty.

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