Jones Road Launches First Four Skin-Care Products | Review

Eye Cream doesn’t promise any major miracles like other allegedly brightening and depuffing eye creams do, but one thing was clear: it’s hydrating enough to instantly make crepiness and fine lines look smoother, which means subsequent concealer goes on more easily and looks noticeably… well… less noticeable.

The Oil Stick

Although the Miracle Cream feels borderline-occlusive, I decided to use The Oil Stick as I would use any non-stick facial oil: atop my moisturizer (as we’ve established, Miracle Cream in this case) to help seal in all the goodness. 

The Oil Stick became my favorite of the four products simply because of the presentation. The translucent, pink, dome-topped stick is reminiscent of a Push Pop, and the format makes it incredibly easy to bring along a face oil wherever you may go (whenever going places becomes a thing again) without worrying about spills. And the application process is a truly enjoyable experience; slick but not slimy, the stick lightly slides across skin, leaving a veil of glowy, non-heavy moisture. 

It’s the emollient apricot, rosehip, sunflower, and jojoba oils for me. “Jojoba oil mimics the composition of sebum, so it’s similar to your body’s own natural oil,” board-certified dermatologist Jeannette Graf previously told Allure.

Remember when I said, if I wasn’t dewy before, I definitely was after using the Miracle Cream? If I wasn’t dewy after using the Miracle Cream (and I was), I was full-throttle doing the dew after The Oil Stick.

Hippie Stick

Hippie Stick Everywhere Balm, or Hippie Stick as its friends call it, has that “this guy I know’s cousin makes her own skin-care products in her kitchen” feel to it. Unlike the other three products, it has a noticeable fragrance that results from some of its ingredients, like spearmint leaf and lavender oils.

Although one of the locations “everywhere” refers to is the face, I decided to use the Hippie Stick on my elbows, the backs of my hands, my heels, and over the tattoos on my forearms. Can something feel delicious? Because this somehow does. Sunflower seed oil, shea butter, and coconut oil — which board-certified dermatologist Robert Finney has told Allure is a “great moisturizer” because of its fatty acids — not only impart protective moisture, they also ensure that the act of application itself goes literally smoothly, never dragging or snagging as you spread it across your skin.

Technically, Hippie Stick can be used on hair, too, and at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the gateway product to Jones Road hair care. (Bobbi, are you reading this? Two words: Yes, please.) But until then, Jones Road’s first expansion beyond makeup is a deeply satisfying, deeply moisturizing one.

Jones Road skin-care products are available for $26 to $38 exclusively on jonesroadbeauty.com.

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