Leo Horoscope March 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to March, Leo! Last month your sex life experienced a transformation, perhaps through exploring a new kink with your partner or treating yourself to a luxurious sex toy. This theme continues: When Mars, which rules our sexual nature, enters charismatic Gemini and your 11th House of Friends on Wednesday, March 3, don’t be surprised if a friends-with-benefits situation comes your way. This could indicate developing sexy feelings for someone in your friend circle, or conversely, deepening the friendship aspect of an existing romantic partnership. 

Regardless of your relationship status, it’s clear that a partnership in your life is about to change. Don’t be scared, brave Leo; it’s always for the best. You tend to be pretty in-demand and well-liked. Ruled by the sun, you basically beam sunshine. A new moon, which is a time of new beginnings, occurs on Saturday, March 13, in psychic Pisces and your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Transformation. Deep down, you likely already know what kind of transformation will be taking place; whether it’s deepening a romance or starting a business partnership with a friend, you’re ready for it. When communication planet Mercury also enters Pisces on Monday, March 15, you’ll feel bold enough to express your desires to initiate the change. 

Fellow fire sign Aries begins its season on Saturday, March 20, helping you feel a bit more optimistic and excited about life than you may have been feeling recently. These are rare emotions during this historic time, so enjoy them with everything you have. Consider writing a gratitude list, or sending a friend a letter to tell them how much you love them. The next day, on Sunday, March 21, the romance planet Venus enters Aries and your 9th House Philosophy. Are you ready to talk about spirituality, past lives, and political views during pillow talk or on a virtual date with your lover? Get ready, because this transit indicates that your romantic partnerships are going deep. 

March starts to wrap up with a beautiful full moon in sensual Libra and your 3rd House of Communication on Sunday, March 28. Libra is the sign of partnerships, and full moons mark the culmination of goals we set during the dark new moon. Whatever transformations started in your love life earlier this month will come full circle, and yes, in addition to leveling up your relationship this can mean manifesting orgasms. March asks you to go deep in your relationships, and if you do, love and pleasure await. Enjoy, stay safe, and see you next month.  

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