Kristen Bell’s Wavy Hair Is Making Her Want to Get a Perm

We can always count on Kristen Bell for a relatable makeup-free selfie that reveals just how human a celebrity can be under all the glamour. (Remember when she posted one on her 40th birthday, complete with a pimple spot treatment?) The actor and entrepreneur just posted a new fresh-faced photo, and she’s being as candid as ever in the caption.

On Tuesday, Bell kicked off December with a closeup selfie on Instagram in which she appears to be barefaced and sporting a wavy look we don’t normally see on the straight-haired star.

“I’m in a wig for my current movie. When I take my braided hair out at the end of the week, this is what I get. And I am INTO IT,” Bell says about the textured bob that braids leave her with. “Do I need to get a perm???” 

Fans left their opinions in the comments, of course. “Yes to the perm!!!” one fan exclaimed. “Maybe just like… braid it every night so it’s pretty the next day,” an anti-perm commenter wrote. Sarah Nicole Landry, however, may have come up with the perfect compromise: “You need a crimper!!”

Bell also drew attention so something followers may or may not notice when they look at the photo: “In addition, yes. I am slightly cross eyed,” she wrote. “Always have been, always will be. G’NIGHT!”

We personally don’t really see it, but it doesn’t matter — she looks adorable either way, and she will whether or not she gets that perm.

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