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Lana Condor Teases Lara Jean Covey’s Hair Looks From ‘To All the Boys’ 3 | Interview

Considering where the franchise last left us, I have a ton of questions about Netlfix’s upcoming To All the Boys: Always and Forever. Will John Ambrose still be a thing? Will Dan Covey get to move on from his late wife and live his own love story with his neighbor? Most importantly: What’s going on with Lara Jean Covey‘s hair these days? It’s a valid question, considering her iconic ponytail from the franchise’s debut film, and the plethora of adorable clips she wore in the second. 

When I interviewed Lara Jean’s real-life counterpart, Lana Condor, back in January, I actually got to ask that question — and she happily obliged. “The sequel was all about hair accessories; she always wore a bunch of hair accessories,” she recalls. “The third is all about headbands.”

In reality, Lara Jean’s devotion to headbands caused Condor (along with the movie’s crew) a whole ton of stress. “When I say there were hours of creative conversation about [Lara Jean’s] hair, I am not exaggerating,” Condor jokes with just a hint of a cringe. “In fact, dare I say that the hardest part of To All the Boys… was the hair.”

While Lara Jean’s blunt-cut black hair flows well past her shoulders, Condor tells me that she actually had short, shaggy hair at the time she was filming the second and third To All The Boys… films. That’s thanks to Deadly Class, a TV series that required her to get a chin-length, razor-cut bob. Still, the makers of the films wanted Lara Jean’s hair to look similar throughout the entire trilogy (a haircut that edgy simply wouldn’t be on-brand for the character), which meant Condor had to fake long hair with extensions.

That’s where all the stress over Lara’s hair comes in. “Talk to anyone on the production and they will say her hair was the biggest drama of it all because they always wanted it to look the same from the first [movie],” Condor chuckles. “Even with the best extensions, it’s hard to pull it off on film because you kind of always see where your hair and the fake hair don’t match.” 

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