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Kylie Jenner’s Latest Manicure Combines Every Single Nail Trend Into One — See Video

While the rest of us were contemplating which major spring nail-art trend to try — French tips, multicolored digits, or retro swirls — Kylie Jenner thought miles ahead and combined them all into one seriously enviable design. On March 24, Jenner revealed her latest manicure (from right-hand nail artist Chaun Legend) on TikTok and Instagram Stories… and we’re not even sure where to begin describing it. 

First thing’s first, this look is painted on what appear to be gel extensions or acrylics in the lengthy, rectangular shape Jenner’s long been known for. Each nail has a multi-colored retro swirl design that’s only on the tips — and each nail’s swirl pattern has a different color scheme. The shape, the colors, the negative space? Truly, the only way this manicure could get more trendy was if Legend stuck some flower designs or dots or crystals on there. 

Now, achieving this exact look at home is going to be difficult without the help of a nail technician and extensions of some sort — and you absolutely should support your local nail artists if you feel safe going to a salon. That swirly pattern, however, is definitely doable. As nail artist Sigourney Nuñez previously told Allure, “it’s more about the technique than the product or tool [you use].” 

Her process is to soften the bristles of a fine-line brush with some acetone, and then pour a drop of nail polish onto a piece of foil. Instead of dipping her brush straight into the polish, she drags the brush through it, going in different directions to fully saturate the bristles. After practicing her line work on that same piece of foil, she begins drawing her squiggles from bottom to top.

This whole thing just gets us thinking about what other nail-art trends one could combine. Calligraphy and polka dots? Stripes and foils? Colorblocking and negative space? The possibilities are endless… be right back, gotta call my manicurist. 

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