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Kozo Hattori & Sue Cochrane


The world needs its burden: Kozo Hattori and Sue Cochrane

March 2, 2021– In July 2020, dear friends from ServiceSpace, Kozo Hattori and Sue Cochrane, came together for a virtual conversation in the presence of the community. They were both navigating the stark reality of cancer. Their luminous exchange was interwoven with laughter, insight, tender truths, poignant moments, and profound wisdom of life. Kozo “changed direction” peacefully on March 1. Their transition occurred a few weeks after Sue’s death. What follows is an edited selection of excerpts from the conversation between these two extraordinary beings, who leave behind an incandescent legacy of love and courage. (74 reads)

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To take actionWhat cargo are you carrying? What does the previous quote and the conversation awaken in you? Do something today to honor the deep legacy that Kozo and Sue shared with our world.



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