K-Pop Group The Boyz on Each Member’s Astrology Signs and Zodiac Traits

Analyzing celebrities’ astrological signs allows people to find ways to relate to them better without actually meeting them. In a pandemic-stricken world where we can’t go to concerts and events, the zodiac also connects us to others, like The Boyz, for instance, no matter where in the world we are. 

K-pop fans, in particular, want to know everything about their biases, down to the time they were born — mostly so they can look up their birth charts and delve into the unspoken intricacies of their favorite members. 

The Boyz’s Sunwoo finds this aspect of K-pop fandom endearing. “When you like someone and those feelings grow, it’s just human nature to want to know more about them and want to know the details,” he tells Allure. “We’re actually very grateful because that means our fans want to know more about us.” 

Unfortunately for The Boyz fans (or The B, as they’re officially called), Allure cannot enlighten you all with the members’ rising signs. Most of them have no idea what time they were born, let alone their star signs. In Korea, people aren’t into astrology as much as they are in America, according to Sangyeon. However, New corrects him, noting it’s just the members who aren’t as interested in it. Eric is an exception. His ankle is tattooed with the Capricon symbol because “I just love myself,” he proclaims with a shrug.  

Instead, The Boyz shared who they are in their own words with Allure via Zoom. The 11 guys have spent more than three years together since training together and debuting in 2017, as they’ve morphed from bubbly, floral-faced teens to mischievous, graphic liner-adorned men. 

On a daily basis, Eric says the members learn more about themselves and each other. Each reveals their observations, as well as the songs they believe best suits them. I also interpreted how the members match up to their star signs. Maybe your birth chart (or your personality) aligns with your favorite members. (Note: I’m by no means a professional astrologer, but my best friends will tell you I am — call it my Scorpio intuition.) 


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