Johnny and Yuta of K-Pop Group NCT Share First Nail Art Experience

Unistella has a lengthy list of celebrity clients, including, but not limited to, Blackpink and Irene Kim. The beloved nail studio based in Seoul, South Korea, just added two members of K-pop group NCT to its star-studded lineup. 

In a new edition of his popular vlog series, Johnny’s Communication Center, Johnny shared his first-ever experience getting his nails done with Yuta in tow. “During our ‘Work It’ promotions, we were like, ‘Let’s try to get our nails done one day,” Johnny revealed before they sat down with their nail artists. 

“I’ve always wanted to get my nails done,” Yuta later revealed after mentioning he likes fancy things. “That’s why I adorn myself a lot when I’m performing.” 

More and more male idols and Western musicians alike have been indulging in manicures over the past couple of years; however, none of them have recorded them in action. Just as Yuta says, painted nails are just another colorful, engaging element for K-pop stars to add to their experimental looks alongside rainbow dye jobs and glittery eye makeup. Showing just how fun and relaxing getting your nails done is helps take down stigmas people have against men doing so and helps other guys feel more comfortable making nail appointments. 

And I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Yuta and Johnny’s faces as they got their nails filed and buffed for the first time. Just imagine them getting pedicures. My first visit to a nail salon was when I was about 5, and painted nail have since been a small joy throughout my life. Seeing some guys see what the hype is all about truly made my day. I need more videos like this from K-pop stars, please. (I’m looking at you, BamBam.) 

Instead of simply getting one color of polish, Johnny asked for nail art of a sunflower, a boy sitting on a crescent moon like the Dreamworks logo, and a cloudy sky. Yuta, on the other hand, went with a black checkerboard pattern on one nail and gold glitter and a scribble-art smiley face on the others. Both of the NCT boys only got three nails done on one hand, so they could test out what they learned from the visit on each other’s other two nails. 

Once they were done, Yuta proudly declared, “These are my babies.” Aww

You can watch their whole experience below, including their attempts at doing each other’s nails. 

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