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Jennifer Lopez’s Blonde Space Buns Are an Ode to the Spice Girls

People (myself included) shouldn’t be shocked anymore at the sheer amount of viral and aspirational hair looks Jennifer Lopez can deliver on a weekly basis. That’s just what happens when a person has virtually unlimited access to a hairstylist on Chris Appleton‘s level, after all. And yet here we are. On November 11, the duo revealed yet another flawless hairdo: a pair of highly placed space buns with two chunky, loose tendrils — all in a light, honey-toned blonde shade — that’s making the singer’s fans go weak at the knees.

Appleton posted a snapshot of Lopez’s look to Instagram that day with a succinct caption that truly said it all: “Spicy.” As it goes for basically anything Lopez does with her hair, people really, really love it. “Chris I’m begging please do my hair like this,” one commenter writes within a sea of heart-eyed and flame emojis. “You’re amazing,” posts another. “You do an amazing job with her hair. The color, the extensions, all of it. Just superb,” another commenter moons.

Personally, I have to agree with all of that; as the young folks might say, “the vibes are immaculate.” Do you know why that is? Because this hairstyle is a very distinct callback to the 1990s — specifically, it’s a callback to the Spice Girls, a generational bubblegum-pop comfort blanket that’s always sure to please. If Baby Spice’s platinum-blonde pigtails and Scary Spice’s iconic hair horns got together and miraculously procreated, this hairstyle is exactly what it would look like. In other words, this hairstyle is what happens… when “2 Become 1.” 

Seeing as she’s a pop star who took off in the late ’90s herself, I’m willing to bet that Lopez is fully aware of this hairstyle’s nostalgic power. And that just makes it all the better.

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