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Jennifer Lopez Just Revealed JLo Beauty Is Coming Soon

This post originally appeared on August 24, 2020:

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the beauty industry. She has launched more than two dozen fragrances, had a blockbuster makeup collaboration with Inglot, and has probably inspired millions in hair-extension sales. Nearly two years ago, she said she’d be launching a skin-care line, and we’ve been waiting with bated breath ever since for what felt like an actually-asked-for celebrity beauty brand. And now, it looks like we may finally be getting that and more.

Lopez took to Instagram to post a couple of beautifully bronzed selfies, writing in the caption, “Sunset glow…#JLoBeauty coming soon.”

And that #JLoBeauty hashtag isn’t just a vague concept — it’s an actual brand. On Monday, Allure received an email from the PR firm that will be representing JLo Beauty. It’s really happening.

Unfortunately, the firm couldn’t share more information other than it’s “coming soon.” The @jlobeauty Instagram account has existed since April 2018, when Lopez’s Inglot collection was announced, and it hasn’t been updated for nearly a year, last posting a behind-the-scenes shot of a fragrance campaign. The trademark for JLo Beauty was filed in December 2019, and it reads as a catch-all for virtually every kind of skin-care product (it lists “skin moisturizers, skin cleansers, skin creams, non-medicated skin-care preparations, cosmetic creams for skin care; beauty creams, beauty soaps, beauty bars, beauty gels, beauty lotions, beauty masks; skin-care products, namely, non-medicated skin serums; body and beauty care cosmetics; face and body beauty creams). However, from the look of the selfies, it seems there may very well be makeup involved, too.

For now, we’ll just have to wait — hopefully not much longer — and see. But the excitement is understandably intense as the anticipation builds. “GIRL WHATTT OMG,” one fan wrote in the comments, while another said, “YAY JLOBEAUTY IM READY…YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.”

As soon as we know more, you can be sure we’ll share it right here.

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