Is SitSmart Pro Gel Seat tops or is Bath Seat? better?

BackJoy has new products!

This comparison is for two fun products from BackJoy that look pretty cool. Between Ergo-Tech Seat Cushion 3 inch and SitSmart Posture Core, which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a much closer look and see what we can see.

The very first thing we have is

Ergo-Tech Seat Cushion 3 inch

The Ergo-Tech Seat Cushion does a great deal more than make you comfortable.

It’s really a therapeutic seat which will help boost your position, decrease top pressures and continue maintaining a lowered temperature and moisture degree during the epidermis. The Ergo-Tech uses a pre-contoured top surface that promotes balanced position. The underside area uses reduced pillars at the pelvis area allowing the cushion to dynamically contour under load.

  • Extra dense cushioning – 3” high
  • Manufactured from durable shut cell EVA foam

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Our second item on the list today is SitSmart Posture Core!

The newest revolution within the SitSmart show, Posture Core relieves straight back discomfort by optimizing your sitting position.

It features some simple new advantages that make this SitSmart also simpler to utilize. SitSmart Posture Core positions your body to obviously alleviate straight back pain and keep you sitting easily all day. Measures 15.5” x 13”.

  • Natural, secure and efficient back discomfort relief
  • Maximum convenience for longer periods of sitting
  • 2x convenience padding & wider seating surface

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I’m calling my favorite between these two is a close call in favor of[Ergo-Tech Seat Cushion 3 inch|SitSmart Posture Core].

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