Is Rose Quartz Better Than A Jade Roller?

Is a rose quartz better than a jade roller? Unfortunately, there’s no crystal ball to give you an answer. Luckily you have me. Let’s talk facial massages.

Before storing your skincare in the refrigerator was a thing, facial massages were trending. Beauties and skincare aficionados alike flocked to the nearest store to pick up a gua sha or roller. However, they were met with two different options in two equally divine hues.

Continue scrolling to find out which crystal will grant you the better fortune.

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Is There a Difference? | Jade Roller vs Rose Quartz Roller

What Is a Face Roller?

A face roller is a massaging tool you can use on your face. If you’re in the market for a face roller, you may also have come across gua shas. A gua sha is also a face massaging tool, but its shape is different. Like the face roller, you’ll also find jade or rose quartz variants of it.

Face massaging or face rolling has been growing in popularity because women are finding the it helps them contour or slim their face down. Some even find that it helped give them a brighter complexion! (And we’ll never say no to that!)

And the best part – there may be some science to back it up.

Benefits of Face Rollers

woman using facial roller | benefits of jade and rose quartz rollers

A face roller might be able to help temporarily contour and slim down your face! Face rolling may help with lymphatic drainage. It flushes out lymphatic fluid underneath our skin, helping contour our skin even before makeup.

We at Makeup Tutorials always like to tell our beauties to wear everything with confidence – and face rolling might actually help with that. A study suggests that 45 minutes of facial massaging might actually help destress and refresh you! While we recommend just a minute daily with your jade roller or rose quartz roller, one 45-minute session might help your mind on top of your skin.

Face rolling also improves blood circulation in the face, leaving you with a brighter complexion and firmer skin!

It can also help soothe irritated skin. Leave your face roller five minutes before doing your skincare. Before bedtime, apply a soothing and hydrating oil all over your skin and use your cooled roller to massage it in.

And as a bonus – it helps your skin care absorb better, gently pressing the product into your skin.

What Is a Jade Roller?

gold wedding band on white textile | rose quartz vs jade roller

It’s believed that jade crystals bring balance, promoting health and healing. The crystal can help bring inner peace to your life and balance your skin tone.

It carries an olive green hue, some lighter or some with a deeper green shade.

Jade is cool to the touch and stays cool even while you’re using it on your skin. It’s texture is not perfectly smooth to the touch, but it’s this little bit of helpful friction that helps contour your face.

The material is softer, so it’s slightly more prone to damage than the rose quartz.

Jade crystals are porous on the surface, so make sure to sanitize them before and after use! Wash them after every use with mild soap and warm water. If you have acne, you may want to hold off on face massaging at all as it just might spread the bacteria.

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What Is a Rose Quartz Roller?

wood sunset love sand | rose quartz roller vs jade roller

The rose quartz is typically associated with love, promoting all facets of it – self-love, romantic love, friendship, healing, and peace. And we love it. 

While the jade is cool to the touch, the rose quartz maintains its temperature pretty well. This means that you’ll need to keep this in the refrigerator much quicker than the jade. Likewise, it will also maintain a warm temperature for longer as well. However, we recommend using your face rollers at a cooler, more soothing temperature.

The material is harder than the jade crystal, so you’ll find that it doesn’t break as easily as jade. However its surface is much smoother to the touch, making this great for sensitive skin types.

How to Spot Real vs Fake Rollers

man love people woman | benefits of rose quartz roller

There are four things you need to watch out for before making the purchase.

  1. Feel – Rose quartz and jade shouldn’t be warm and are naturally cool to the touch.
  2. Scrape – Lightly scrape the surface of the jade or rose quartz roller with your fingernail. If it leaves a scratch mark, move on. It may be a fake.
  3. Sound – Gently tap a real piece of jade against the item you’re suspecting. If it sounds like plastic, it may be a fake.
  4. Look – Fake rollers are made with dyed glass, marble, or coated with polymers to get a glossy finish. The color of your crystal should look opaque with translucent color bands scattered throughout its body.

If you’re buying online, scour the site for thorough customer reviews. Real skincare aficionados will be able to spot real vs fake rollers. Look for brands with high ratings or your favorite makeup or skincare brand may already be carrying it.

The prices of the face rollers and gua shas are highly varied, but purchasing one that’s very cheap may be a telltale sign as well.

Is Rose Quartz or Jade Roller Better?

man people woman relaxation | jade roller benefits

Neither one is categorically better than the other – it really depends on your skin’s needs, your skin type, or even your chi or color preference! What we do know for sure is that giving your face a massage is a worthy investment.

Rose quartz holds a cool temperature for longer and is smoother to the touch, making it perfect for sensitive skin types. Jade crystals aren’t as smooth but its texture helps with lymphatic drainage.

Have you tried lymphatic massage? Check out its benefits in this video:

Lymphatic massages are great for draining fluids and temporarily contouring our face. It feels good and may even help relax tense muscles. The best part – it’s a massage that’s safe to do everyday.

Listen to your skin and decide which one you may need more. Otherwise, consult your vanity and decide which one matches the aesthetic more. Whether you’re the jade roller sales you or you’re rolling with the rose quartz, each crystal has something to offer.

Are we going classic jade or romantic rose quartz? Or are we going the extra mile and going with both? Share your face rolling experience with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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