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Instagram Begs Nicki Minaj to Keep Her Natural Hair Texture

Nicki Minaj is known for many things when it comes to beauty, but a consistent hairstyle isn’t one of them. That’s not a bad thing in the slightest; this woman wears so many wigs, it’s like we get to see a different side of her every time she posts on social media or puts on a performance. But in the semi-rare circumstances she does appear with her natural hair, fans are prone to fawning. On November 22, Minaj revealed to Instagram that she’s thinking of perming that natural hair, and the internet immediately banded together to convince her not to do it.

“If I perm my hair it’s gon b touchin my booty,” the rapper wrote alongside her mirror selfie, revealing natural, thick curls that cascade over her shoulder and all the way down to her mid-back. “Should I perm it yall? Real hair to match my real big ol ghetto booty. Ugh love this for me.”

Let’s keep in mind here that whatever Minaj wants to do with her own hair is nobody’s business but hers, but she did ask for everyone to weigh in. Plus, chemical hair treatments like perms can ultimately damage the hair and scalp; most of Minaj’s fans just don’t want her to risk damaging such healthy-looking hair. “Keep it natural Queen. The perm damages it, and makes it easier for our edges to go missing,” reads one comment. “It’s stronger under our Wigs when it’s Natural.” Another adds, “Please don’t do it! All that hair, I get it but you’ll compromise the beauty of strength of what it is now. BEAUTIFUL.” Recording artist Normani puts her thoughts rather simply: “NOOOOOOOOOO.”

This inquiry from Minaj has also welcomed a slew of fans who would love to see their own natural textures represented by her. “Nah! Sis !! We are NATURAL HAIR GIRLS,” one person writes. “I love seeing your natural hair,” someone else comments alongside a wide-eyed and blushing emoji. “Your natural hair is bomb sis!! Keep it that way,” reads another.

The fans are totally right — Minaj’s natural hair is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s always refreshing to watch celebrities break away from the beauty standards that are expected of them. Whether or not she’ll end up perming it is entirely up to her, but until she makes up her mind, she’ll at least know exactly where the fans stand.

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