Inside Cynthia Bailey’s Enormous Atlanta Bathroom — Home Photos

“As a reality star, I give my life to the world,” says Cynthia Bailey, a model and cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. “It’s important to have [a space] that’s just mine.” Bailey is sitting on the first of three stories in her Sandy Springs, Georgia, home. Behind her, a wall of glass is painted with the surrounding forest and lake. Lake Bailey, she calls it, but that is an unofficial title. 
“I’m a Pisces. Water makes me happy,” she says. “And lots of light. This is basically a glass house.” She laughs. “Please do not throw stones.”

The show’s next season will offer a more literal depiction of Atlanta’s Housewives, as an ongoing pandemic prohibits the indoor brunches and elaborate group trips that have plotted out seasons past. (After season 12 aired, the cast of Atlanta gathered via video chat for the first reunion to be conducted remotely in the franchise’s history.) Bailey has lived her life in public since joining the cast 10 years ago, but is still careful about guarding her private spaces. “Every time I have a glam squad” — for a reality TV star, that is probably more than 200 days out of the year — “I don’t love a lot of people in my personal space. My glam usually goes down, honestly, at my kitchen counter.” Her bathroom is off-limits. “It’s where I take a bath, where I meditate. I start my day in my bathroom, right after I get out of bed. I need it to be a peaceful place. How you start is how you finish.”

Lake Bailey sits just beyond the trees.Photographed by Ari Skin

On personal space — or spaces, if you’re Cynthia Bailey: “As a reality star, I give my life to the world. It’s important for me to have some part of my world, my house, that’s just mine. That’s off-limits. I do shoot in there from time to time, but for the most part my day to day, every time I have a glam squad, I don’t like to have them in my personal space. Again, I just need some sense of, this is just for me. It’s mine. The last place I am at night is my bedroom, so that area’s very sacred. I have a room upstairs where I can get glam done as well, my wardrobe room. But pretty much my bedroom and the bathroom is off-limits.”

On the house: “I’m in Atlanta Georgia, an area called Sandy Springs. Right next to Buckhead, most people know that. This house is basically a glass house. Please do not throw stones. And I do not throw stones at other people, because I do live in a glass house. Literally. It’s on a lake — Lake Bailey, if you know. The lake was what attracted me to the house. Water feeds me spiritually. And having light. I can’t live in a dark house. Windows, light, and water.”

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