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Ingredients To Look For When Shopping For Your Hair

By Jenna Brooks

When you’re looking for hair care products, it may be hard to discern what products are good for your hair and which are simply fake news. In a sea of different products stating they can brighten, smooth, and bring bounce to your hair, it’s important to look for some key ingredients on the back of the bottle. These key ingredients are actually scientifically proven to bring real, visible benefits to your hair, depending on your hair type and what exactly you’re looking for. 

Beyond just being good for cuts, skin, and moisturisers, aloe vera is actually, rather unsurprisingly, incredibly beneficial for your hair and scalp. The plant is proven to soothe any irritation or itchiness in your scalp as it feels pleasant and cooling. Additionally, aloe vera provides your hair with plenty of vitamins and nutrients, bringing moisture and health back into your hair from roots to tips. If you’re looking for a product proven to relieve scalp irritation, definitely gravitate towards products that have aloe vera in their ingredients list. 

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Next up on the beneficial ingredients list is one that is lesser known to the average shopper, however products with ceramide on their list are definitely important, especially as we move into the winter months. This lipid can also be added separately into your shampoo or conditioner to fill the gaps in your hair, created when your hair becomes worn down and dried out. Ceramide can help to repair breakage your hair may have experienced during the cold, dry, windy months of the year. 

This third ingredient is actually a plant wax, but is used in many skin care and hair care products already. Jojoba oil brings the silky texture back to your hair and makes it a lot easier to comb through during and after the shower. Additionally, the ingredient helps to repair any damage your split ends may have suffered, leaving your hair feeling healthy and soft instead of oily or greasy. It’s been previously known to soften and repair damaged skin, and including this ingredient on your hair care list will bring those benefits straight to your scalp. 

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While there are tons of different ingredients depending on your needs, these three definitely stand out as being lesser known but incredibly beneficial for a wide range of hair types. Aloe, ceramide, and jojoba oil all are able to soothe your scalp while repairing and preventing further damage to your hair. They won’t leave any gross residue or have a greasy look and are definitely things to look for this winter.

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