I Started Using Hair Gel on My Eyebrows and Love the Results

There’s a reason regular hair gel hits so different than eyebrow gel and soap. “The amount of polymer in hair gel may be higher to hold hair,” cosmetic chemist Ginger King explains. (A polymer is a type of molecule that, when used in cosmetics, can make products thick and sticky.) “[Brow gel] is really just to groom the unruly hair; it doesn’t take that much polymer to do so.” Due to this, hair gels are simply stronger — but King notes that that’s the only big difference between the two. Like brow gel, hair gel shouldn’t cause any skin issues or interfere with other makeup.

With this new product pairing, I can do my eyebrows in two minutes or less. I’m far from the only person who does this, according to New York City makeup artist Tommy. “I’ve seen this being done and being loved, but I’d warn against drying, flake-inducing alcohols and large amounts of fragrance,” he explains. 

I use R+Co’s gel on most days, but if you’re looking for something cheaper, give Got2B Ultra Glued Invincible gel a try. The only other tip I have to offer is to work the gel into the brows thoroughly and to brush them in the direction you want continually as it dries. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the more-is-more approach — but it is nice to have alternatives for both your wallet and your schedule’s sake.

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