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How to write love

June 12, 2021– “Stranger Care is a heartbreaking and moving account by Sarah Sentilless of her relationship with her adopted daughter, Coco, although saying that is a bit like saying that Walden is a book about a pond. It is, but ponds are just the beginning. It is, and yet I will never see ponds the same way again. After Stranger Care, I will never see mothers the same way again. Or daughters. Or fatherhood. Or care. This book is about loving Coco and letting her go. It is a book about loving her birth mother, Evelyn. It is a book about the systems that structure our care and how fallible they are; how we could care for each other in broader ways than beyond the limits of biology and nuclear technology, family, even beyond species, how we can learn from the systems of care that sustain the natural world around us. ” (249 reads)

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To take actionGo beyond the limits of biology to care for someone or something today. Read more from Sarah Sentilles here. [more]



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