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How To Make Your Own Leave-In Conditioner

By Choya Randolph

As naturals, we use so many products. From shampoos to conditioners to gels to even finding the perfect water bottle for our hair. Not only do we use a bunch of products but we can have a hard time finding products for our hair. Some products only work for certain hair types. Other products work best for different hair porosities. After spending forever trying to find our go-to products, you may realize that your hair has an expensive taste that you can’t afford. That’s why making our own products is such a big part of the natural hair journey.

Because natural hair has a kinky texture, the natural hair oils from the scalp have a hard time coating the curly hair strands. That’s why a lot of work we do as naturals is to keep our hair hydrated since it can get dry easily. A popular way we do that is by using the LOC or LCO method. These methods are ideal ways to keep natural hair moisturized. LOC stands for liquid, oil, and cream. LCO stands for liquid, cream, and oil. The order depends on what works best for your hair. No matter what order you use, you’ll still need a leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream.

When it comes to what oil to use on your hair, you can use just any. You can’t really make your own oil but you can make your own oil mix. Finding the perfect cream can be a hassle but it’s pretty easy to make. In fact, many naturals simply use shea butter and call it a day. When it comes to finding your go-to leave-in conditioner, it can be difficult. If you’re struggling to find the perfect leave-in conditioner, maybe it’s time you try making your own.

A great recipe for a homemade leave-in conditioner is honey, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil and water. Yep, just those four ingredients. You will need a container to hold your leave-in conditioner whether it’s a spray bottle or an old container you want to reuse. Put in about a tablespoon of honey, a fourth of a cup of jojoba oil, a cup of aloe vera juice and a cup of water. Mix thoroughly and shake well before every use. If you want to take your conditioner to the next level, replace your water with coconut water. Coconut water promotes hair growth and fortifies the hair strands which can lead to thicker hair.

Honey is a great moisturizer for the hair. It has humectant properties which allows the honey to bond with water molecules to hydrate the hair. Jojoba oil is an oil that is similar to our natural hair oils. If using the LOC or LCO method, you’ll be applying oil to your hair already. When incorporating oil into your leave-in conditioner, you want it to be lightweight like jojoba oil. Plus, jojoba oil is full of vitamins that are good for our hair and scalp. Aloe vera juice is also a humectant and does a great job at conditioning the hair and retaining moisture.

When it comes to leave-in conditioners, we want it to condition and moisturize our hair. That’s what the LOC and/or LCO method is all about. The leave-in conditioner conditions, the oil seals and the cream moisturizes to give our hair maximum moisture. So next time you’re running low on a leave-in conditioner that isn’t giving your hair the moisture it deserves, try making your own leave-in conditioner.

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