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How to Fix Color Damaged Hair

By Jenna Brooks

We can all be guilty of going too far with our hair routines, from too much gel to too much product to even way too much volume entirely by accident. However, what about what happens when you dye your hair too often, especially with box dye rather than going to the salon? How do you bring your hair back from the damage before it becomes permanently fried and frizzy?

Because dyeing your hair is a chemical process that opens up the pores of your hair follicles, damage is bound to happen. This can become an even worse process when you choose to bleach your hair often, especially bleach your hair at home rather than in a professional salon. If you’re starting to see some damage, definitely stop bleaching immediately. Adding more bleach to the dye cocktail will only create further damage, leading to you having to shave your head entirely to fix the problem. Next, you need to replace the moisture and oils that your hair has lost. Following this you should consider starting hair masks or deep conditioner to bring the strength and hydration back. Additionally, under no circumstances whatsoever, should you use any product with silicone dimethicone in it. This chemical ingredient will suck up any moisture left in your hair and absolutely destroy what’s left, so keep a lookout for that in all your hair products. 

Lastly, you’re going to want to give your hair time to rest and rebuild. That means not washing too often, avoiding any heat, and brushing more often with a comb. You don’t need to wash your hair as often as you normally would pre-damage, and when you do shower allow your hair to air-dry rather than using a hair dryer. Giving your hair time to repair itself is going to be vital, and change isn’t going to happen immediately, so allow yourself to be patient with your hair. 

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