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How Snitchery Uses Wigs to Create Cosplay Characters

We chatted with Snitchery about her wig collection, how she cares for it, and what she does with all those units when she’s done with them.

ALLURE: I watched your hair journey video and you mentioned that you initially started wearing wigs to cover up your damage and thinning. When did it become more about you liking the look of wigs as opposed to hiding your hair?

SNITCHERY: When I started cosplaying — that would be around the time when I made the switch into looking at wigs as a creative expression instead of just a means for me not to have to deal with my hair in the morning. [I started wearing wigs for personal use] around 2015, and pretty much right away I was wearing them on Instagram, too. But it would just be whatever wig I had at the time that I was wearing around my college campus. Essentially, I was considering it my hair. 

Around 2018, I started wearing wigs for cosplay. I had a little bit more money at that point than I did in college, and it was a great way to mix things up on Instagram. Obviously, with the cosplay, it’s essential. When I started cosplaying, I was not super comfortable showing my body online, so I was doing what I called “beauty-based cosplay,” which was shoulder-up, very makeup and predominantly wig focused. Wigs became really important in my job.

ALLURE: How did you initially get into cosplay?

SNITCHERY: I’ve loved cosplayers for the longest time. I’ve been really involved in their culture since I was 13, maybe. I would see [the ones] who would go to conventions when I was a young teenager.  I didn’t know how to sew, so it was always super intimidating to me, these people who would do amazing costumes and wigs. 

Snitchery’s Hex Girl look.


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