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Helping Dry Winter Skin | Hype Hair

By Jenna Brooks

Since winter brings dry air and cold temperatures, this can have a large effect on our skin, leading to it drying out, flaking off, and overall looking dull. Luckily there are some tips to bring the hydration and shine back to your skin, so you’re still looking fresh even in some of the coldest, driest climates.

The most important step is going to be moisturizing constantly, whether you’re getting ready in the morning, heading out for some errands, or just about to head to bed, a moisturizer is going to be your best friend. When you’re getting out of the shower, remember to apply some lotion and maybe even almond oil to your arms and legs. Additionally, if you’re putting on heavy makeup or foundation, use cream products or products that contain a moisturizer, this will help keep your skin replenished throughout the day.

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If you’re going to wash your face, no matter what time of day, avoid any and all products that contain pure soap. Soap can strip away the healthy, hydrated layers of your skin and can take the moisture out after repeated use. Although soap is great for removing bacteria from your hands, it strips away all of the healthy oils in your face along with the bad stuff.

Finally, something that is going to be almost more vital than moisturizing, is keeping your home hydrated. While this may sound weird, investing in a humidifier for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room is going to bring moisture back into your home and back into your skin. Since the cold temperatures will likely have you running your heater into overdrive, it can suck the humidity out of your home. A humidifier is fairly reasonably priced and can save anyone suffering with extremely dry skin from your face to your entire body.

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