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Healthy Latte Recipes to Enjoy on Chilly Days

These healthy latte recipes will give you the cozy vibes to enjoy anytime you’re looking for a relaxing and delicious drink.

These all have added health benefits to them, making it a fun and nourishing way to warm up on chilly days. All of these are dairy-free for those of you with any sensitivities or allergies.



Turmeric Milk Latte

Traditionally, turmeric milk (haldi doodh) comes from Ayurvedic practices and is prevalent in Indian culture and cuisines. Turmeric contains an array of nutrients. It’s particularly high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It has a warm, slightly spicy, bold, earthy flavor. When mixed with a hint of sweetness you’re left with a delicious combination for a warming drink!


Frothy Matcha Latte

Matcha is one of our favorite healthy latte recipes to enjoy year-round (it tastes deliciously iced too!) Unlike normal teas, you’re actually drinking the entire matcha tea leaf, not just the tea water. This is one of many reasons why matcha tea is much more nutrient-dense than standard green tea. Because of the many steps, care, and time it takes to create matcha tea, it tends to be more expensive than standard teas but is beyond worth it!


Mint Mocha Steamer

If you’re craving a warm, cozy drink that gives a nod to traditional holiday flavors while still maintaining the integrity of its healthy ingredients, you’re in luck.

Tips for Making the Best Healthy Latte Recipes

There are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to help you get those cafe-style lattes!

Invest in a Milk Frother

One of the most popular questions we get asked anytime we share a latte is how we manage to get it so frothy! Since our team all loves enjoying a latte as a weekly or daily ritual, we’ve invested in a great high-quality milk frother by Breville. It’s an investment, but so worth it if you’re making these types of drinks regularly!

If you’re not, but you still want to get a super frothy latte, the next best option is using your blender! That will do a great job of mimicking a milk-frother. Simply heat your milk first and then put all of the ingredients into the blender.

Don’t Skip The Healthy Fat

You’ll notice in all of these recipes that we have included a healthy source of fat, such as almond butter or MTC oil. Adding these into your latte will stabilize your blood sugar and keep you feeling full longer.

3. Take Note of the Caffeine Content

Enjoying a warm milk beverage at night, sometimes called a nightcap, can be so relaxing and even help some people fall asleep. However, make sure that you’re latte doesn’t contain caffeine if you’re drinking it late in the evening. Even hot chocolate contains natural caffeine from the plant, so it can sneak in there!


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