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The Royal Oils Collection

The Royal Oils Collection by Head & Shoulders will leave you with visibly healthier hair and scalp in just 3 weeks. Royal Oils soothes the scalp and provides long-lasting relief so you can enjoy life to the fullest without being bothered by an itchy scalp, or dry hair. The collection is great for women who want to keep their scalp healthy while wearing protective styles, locs, twists, wigs and weaves. Royal Oils also provides men with 100% flake free protection – creating worry free moments where men can simply enjoy life.

This unique line of products was developed by Black scientists, dermatologists and stylists, specifically for curly and coily crowns.

Respect the Crown

Royal Oils is celebrating the release of Disney and Pixar’s all-new feature film, Soul, streaming exclusively on Disney+ beginning December 25.

The star-studded cast features Jamie Foxx, Phylicia Rashad, and Angela Bassett, and follows Joe Gardner (Foxx) as he travels from the streets of New York City to the cosmic realms to discover the answers to some of life’s most important questions.

For many Black men, the barbershop serves as a place where they can attend to their scalp and hair needs, while letting their guard down to engage in rich conversation. In Soul, the barbershop scene represents community. Dez (voiced by Donnell Rawlings) is Joe’s longtime barber and professional listener. He gladly lets Joe talk about anything he wants—which for Joe, of course, is jazz.

“There’s no more culturally authentic place in the Black community than the barbershop,” says co-director Kemp Powers. “In many ways, it’s the town center—particularly for Black men. “It’s a place where these men—from all walks of life—come together.”

For Powers, the barbershop scenes also represent a technological milestone. “Pixar Animation Studios has rendered some pretty amazing things in its history—from the fur in ‘Monsters, Inc.’ to the water in ‘Finding Nemo,’” he says. “But on a personal level, the idea of rendering a wonderful array of black hair, which has so many incredible textures and colors, was too enticing an opportunity to not have it be a major set piece for the film.”

Like the Royal Oils Collection by Head & Shoulders, the incredible characters of Soul embody the essence of Respect the Crown.

Disney Soul
Respect the Crown and enjoy Disney and Pixar’s Soul on Disney+ this holiday season.

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