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Hats That Won’t Ruin Hair

By Jenna Brooks

With the temperature continuing to dip, we’re all looking for different ways to stay warm and still look cute. Unfortunately, a lot of hats tend to flatten your hair, causing frizz and lumps when you go to take the hat off inside. However, luckily enough there are actually quite a few adorable winter hats that will keep you warm while keeping your hair looking fresh and full of volume.

Starting off we have a winter classic with a bit of a twist, a short-rolled beanie. This hat is pretty much your regular beanie, just rolled an extra layer or two. However, it looks absolutely adorable and by rolling it a bit shorter than normal it will protect your hair from being flattened while still keeping you toasty. They can be found on Amazon, along with being found in multiple different fashion stores like Nordstrom for a fairly decent price. 

Next on the list, we have a super cute European treasure. The classic beret is another adorable accessory for this time of year that won’t ruin your hair due to the way that it sits on the top of your head. A beret is a great addition to any winter outfit and won’t leave behind hat hair when you find yourself warm again or simply want to take it off. 

Similar to the beanie, next up is a wool cap that has a visor piece in the front. The accessory comes in a ton of colors and stays loose enough on your hair to leave it looking bouncy and beautiful. Plus, the visor piece will keep the sun out of your eyes, if that’s an issue, and will protect your head and ears from the cold. 

Finally, although typically considered more of a summer or spring hat, we have the trendy classic bucket hat. Bucket hats tend to have a looser fit compared to a regular cap and can keep your head warm as the temperatures drop. They leave your hair looking beautiful when it comes time to take them off and provide a shield from the elements outside. 

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