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Hair Gels or Hair Custards?

By Choya Randolph

I’ve been natural for years so I definitely have found my go-to products that are my tried and true. Though I’m loyal to the products that have been good to me and my hair, I do find myself wanting to test new products. I mean, haven’t we all seen a fellow natural hype up a product so much that you wonder if it could be added to your collection? A product that hasn’t made its way to my collection are hair custards. 

A hair custard is a rich styling product meant to hydrate the hair while giving the hair hold and curl definition. It’s like the sweet spot where creams and gels meet. If you’re like me, you may not be looking for a styling product because you’re already in a committed relationship with your gel. Gels also help bring out our curl definition while giving our hair hold. What’s the difference between gels and custards anyway?

Believe it or not, gels and custards usually do the same thing. The main difference is the consistency. Gels usually have a jelly-like consistency while custards lean on the creamier side. It’s all about what works for your hair. Understanding your hair will help you understand what styling products will most benefit you. 

If you have wavy hair, lighter styling products like mousse, light gels, and whipped custards may work best for you. For those with curls and coils, gels and thick custards will work. If you’re confused about your hair texture, your hair density will be a great indicator on whether you should use lighter or thicker styling products.

When it comes to gels, they usually are great at giving the hair hold. However, some gels can leave flakes and make the hair feel crunchy. Some gels may not be the best at bringing out your curl definition because they’re meant to give your hair hold. What this means is that your gel is good at capturing your curl pattern rather than giving your curls definition. When you apply gel to hair that is already defined, it’ll make those curls and coils last. 

Hair custards on the other hand, have ingredients that are nourishing to the hair. It’s meant to combat frizz and hydrate the hair. Because it also is meant to moisturize the hair, it can enhance your curls and coils which is why it’s a styling product. 

Though custards may leave your hair feeling less crunchy, it may lack in hold which means it may not be the best product to swoop your edges with. For those who use gels after doing the LOC or LCO method, a hair custard may be heavier on the hair compared to a gel. 

At the end of the day, find what works best for your hair. Whether you style using a gel or custard, both products can be beneficial to your crown. As for me, if I’m prioritizing having hair that feels soft and hydrated, then I’m picking up a hair custard. But if I’m looking for hold or want to swoop my edges, I’ll be sticking to my gel.

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