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Todays A vs B comparison is for two awesome products from Global Travel Clothing that seem really great. Between Antimicrobial Hoodie Sleeper Travel Pillow and Womens Travel Shirt, which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a closer look and see what we can see.

The very first product on our list is

Antimicrobial Hoodie Sleeper Travel Pillow


We have a hard time sleeping on flights. The lights are always too bright, and the majority of multi featured travel pillows are just not comfortable or embarrassing to use. We have all tried several different Travel pillows. So we set out to make one that was the best all around pillow.

We melded our world famous travel jacket sleep mask hoodie with an ergonomic memory foam travel pillow to give you a new Multi-Featured Sleep Mask Hoodie Travel Pillow. With so many germs associated with airplanes and airline pillows you certainly want to bring your own. Our Antimicrobial inner liner material will certainly help keep them at bay.

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Our second product on the list for today is Womens Travel Shirt.
Sometimes the weather is a bit too warm for a jacket. So we build the worlds best hidden pocket travel shirt. Our shirt has two hidden pockets on the sides. The pockets do not show any stitches that giveaways its location. These pockets are perfect for cash and credit cards.We also made them from the finest 100% merino wool. Merino Wool is nature’s best material for temperature control and for natural antibacterial function. This is not a Merino Wool blend. This fabric costs more than cashmere wool. We have had these on the drawing board for quite and while and made a limited run of these shirts for this holiday season. We are selling them at 20% off during their introductory launch. 
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I’m saying my pick between these two is.. by a very tiny margin: Womens Travel Shirt.

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