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Glamlite Founder Giselle Hernandez’s Pizza Palette Empire | Beauty Break

“What was your big break?” It’s a question people often ask of celebrities, but at Allure, the beauty professionals and brand founders are the celebrities. In My Beauty Break, we’ll dig into the behind-the-scenes details — the money, the aha! moments, and the mistakes — of the biggest brands in the industry. 

Less than three years ago, Gisselle Hernandez would never have imagined she’d have a company that was on track to become a multi-million dollar business — especially in the midst of a pandemic that has been a period of high uncertainty for so many. And yet, in September 2020, the Dominican-born founder and CEO of Glamlite Cosmetics, an indie beauty brand known for its viral food-themed products, launched her Ice Cream collection, one of the Glamlite’s most successful drops thus far.

While many might view Hernandez as an overnight success living her best life, there were years of hard work that went into the picture-perfect way her brand might appear to be running now — and to this day, she still encounters roadblocks. Here, Hernandez tells us about what’s gone into building Glamlite, the moment she had her big beauty break, rising up from poverty, turning hurtful comments into a springboard for success, and more.

First off all, congratulations on all the success Glamlite has seen, especially during a time when I’m sure you probably never thought you’d see so much growth. What has been your secret sauce?

The person I was before COVID and the person that I am as of this morning are two completely different people. COVID made me step out of my comfort zone, it destroyed every excuse I had, and forced me to rise to the challenge. I suddenly had to figure out how to be a full-time mom and the president of a brand at the same time. I’m not originally from [Los Angeles], so I don’t have the luxury of depending on family to help out. I dwelled about the situation for the first week and then I just said to myself, circumstances are what you make of them, you can either make excuses or you can make changes. I decided that I wasn’t going to let COVID stop me. I grabbed my phone, set up a backdrop and started filming TikTok videos, creating extra content for Instagram and Facebook, doing Spin the Wheel giveaways for customers. Before COVID I always had the excuse that I was too busy to create personal content and suddenly here I was making multiple videos per day. The results started speaking for themselves. In the middle of a pandemic we experienced a 200 percent growth, expanded our team, outgrew our previous facility, and moved into a much bigger warehouse.

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