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Give Your Hair A Boost With A Homemade Spray

By Choya Randolph

All naturals have a spray bottle. If you’re a seasoned natural, you have spray bottles that spray a mist like a can of Febreeze. (If your spray bottle sprays like a water gun, it’s time for an upgrade baby girl.) Usually, we fill these bottles up with water, using them to get our hair damp for detangling or moisturizing. I know some of y’all don’t feel like hopping in the shower and use your spray bottles to cowash. Some people call it lazy, I call it innovative. But what if you put more than just water in your spray bottle? 

It’s time to experiment! Put a bunch of things your hair loves in your spray bottle. This homemade concoction could be what your hair needs for a midweek boost. Not everyone has time for an entire LOC or LCO method on a Hump day. That’s when our homemade spray comes in.

What should be in this homemade spray? That depends on your hair. If you’re a lazy natural who ain’t got time for all the measuring, you can simply add your favorite conditioner to your water bottle and call it a day. But please don’t use a deep conditioner. Deep conditioners are meant to be washed out. 

To take your spray to the next level, incorporate an essential oil of your choice. Essential oils work best when diluted so get the best usage of that lavender or rosemary oil. I suggest peppermint oil because it gives a cooling sensation to the hair that opens the hair cuticles to receive the conditioner you put in your spray. Plus, it smells good.

You can even put your LOC products in your spray bottle. Fill your spray bottle halfway with water. Add in your favorite leave-in conditioner, your go-to hair cream or butter, and an oil. I know oil sounds silly since it obviously won’t mix with the water but it will work if you use the right oils. Avoid thick oils like jamaican castor oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil will clump up and possibly ruin your spray bottle. I suggest extra virgin olive oil. Whatever oil you choose, make sure you put only a little bit to avoid damaging your spray bottle. To get the benefits of your oil, shake your bottle up before every usage.

At the end of the day, you can put whatever you want in your homemade spray. This spray is meant to give your hair a little bit of love when you don’t have time to give your hair ALL of the love. You know what your hair loves so don’t be afraid to experiment when making your own products. That’s one of the best parts of the natural hair journey!

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