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Get The Gift of Pampering With Dove’s New Dessert-Inspired Body Collection

With the quarantine still in full swing, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your beauty routine is in check. And while you may have all of your haircare staples locked and loaded in your collection, you need to focus on your body care routine. Thanks to Dove’s new Glowing Mango & Almond Butter collection, you can give your skin the TLC that it needs.

Dove has been a leader in the beauty game for quite some time. With some of the best products in the hair and body care lines, the brand continues to outdo itself. And their new Glowing Mango & Almond Butter collection is no exception. Formulated to give your skin a spa-like experience with a tropical touch, this collection comes in major clutch to provide every inch of your body with lasting moisture.

Even better, they sent me mango-inspired dinner and dessert recipes created by Wendy and Jessica of Food Haven on Instagram. They even sent along lip and eye masks for the ultimate self-care experience. The collection features the classic Body Wash, Beauty Bar, Foaming Body Wash, and Exfoliating Body Polish.

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After I enjoyed my hearty meal, I hit the shower to see if Dove still has their touch, and the brand lived up to my expectations. I started with the Body Polish to help give my skin a good round of exfoliation. Thankfully, the beads had just the right amount of grit to exfoliate my skin without the harsh feel.

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As I rinsed my body off, I focused on lathering up with the brand’s Foaming Body Wash. Immediately, my skin felt smooth and supple as I washed from neck to toe. I also loved that the sweet scent of mango permeated my shower and my body. The minute I closed my eyes, I envisioned myself in the Caribbean.

These new Dove products are just what you need to take your body care game to the next level. Not only did these products cleanse my skin, but it also provided instant hydration and left my skin with a gorgeous glow.

If you’re ready to explore the wonders of the new Dove Glowing Mango & Almond Butter collection, we have all the tea. Plus, the products range from $4-$6 each, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Head on over to Target to scoop up your shower essentials while you can.

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